We offer high-class , professional lessons for our students. 

Here at CMA we're dedicated in providing great service for each student. We believe that music is a universal language of expressions that speaks when there are few words. We encourage our students here to find their passion and express  themselves through their gifts. At CMA we strive to develop each individual with the necessary tools and education for their future as musicians. Our aim is to focus on improving each individual student musically and professionally.

Our Services

We provide services to small and midsize businesses to get to the next level.

Vocal Lessons

Trenton Moore

Drum Lessons 

David Alex Pruit 

Piano Lessons

Trenton Moore & Haley Brush

Bass Lessons 

Brandon Moore

Guitar Lessons

Jeremy Wright 

Dance Lessons 

Jaylah Tate 


Providing business advice and resources for musicians and singers. 

Meet Our Instructors

Get to know our instructors and learn about their main tasks and goals.

Brandon Moore

Bass Instructor 

David Pruitt

Drum Instructor 

He's no stranger to music. David comes from a family that is full of musicians and singers. David continues to express his gifts in the local church and on the road with various artists. David is committed to serving you and bringing your inspirations as a drummer "into rhythm." 

Jaylah Tate

Dance Instructor 

Jaylah is a student of Visible College in Memphis, who is studying music. She is on board here at CMA to passionately teach dance to our students. Jaylah is a creative individual who will teach dance through different styles of dance such as Liturgical, African, Contemporary, Salsa, & much more. 

Haley Brush

Piano Instructor 

Jeremy Wright

Guitar Instructor 

Jeremy is a well  experienced guitarist who specializes in Jazz. Teaching guitar is not foreign to Jeremy. He's worked years at the prestigious Stax music school, located here in Memphis, Tn. Jeremy is passionate about God and his gift.